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Blog Title: No water from hot water heater

Main Que: What do you do when there is no water flow from hot water heater?

  • Category: Maintenance Of Electric On Demand Water Heater
  • Query By: KATRINA REESE (Hawthorne, CA)
  • Date: 05/03/2013

Answer: "There are numerous reasons that lead to a situation where the water flow from a hot water heater can stop. With a water heater, the most common complaint is that it doesn’t heat water at all. Because a gas water heater operates much differently than an electric water heater, dealing with a water heater that doesn’t work at all will depend on whether it is gas or electric. (A gas water heater has a burner at the bottom and a flue at the top; an electric one is powered by a large electrical hookup.) "

  • Replied By: COLLEEN NEAL (East Orange, NJ)
  • Replied Date: 05/28/2013